Animal lovers…fiction and nonfiction

Have you read a good story about an animal recently? Or, perhaps, you’ve read an engaging nonfiction about a particular animal?

If so, take a few minutes and share the title, author and why you enjoyed the book!

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  1. Connor L. says:

    Hey guys, I’m here to tell you about “The Call of The Wild” by Jack London. I had an ELA assignment and I decided to read this book which turned out to be great! In this book a dog named Buck is pulled away from his home and sent on the trails of Alaska with other dogs, and day after day they travel and Buck and his pack go from master to master but not all you might think are friendly, most are abusive of the pack. They travel many miles a day and you won’t want to put this book down especially near the end. London did a great job writing this book and uses some big vocabulary to make this story a little changeling, but very good! Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did 🙂

  2. Tyler 210 says:

    IF you love animals and historical fiction and classic books then read Old Yeller.

  3. wolf heart05^^ 223 says:

    I was reading Warriors Into the Wild (book one) and it’s so good. It’s about warrior cats and they fight for their clans safety. and its really good hope someone reads it!

    Warriors into the wild

  4. christin says:

    The One and Only Ivan written by K.A Applegate is a heart stopping story with a good perspective from Ivan the gorilla. The best part is that it is based on a real story about a real gorilla named Ivan. In the beginning Ivan has two friends an elephant named Stella and a small dog named Bob. After a little time has past a baby elephant named Ruby comes. After she comes adventure starts. The story of Ivan is a story that will warm your heart. If you like a story with animals then you should read the One and Only Ivan.

  5. the awesome one/ december says:

    I have read this book called Small as an Elephant. It is about this boy and his mother [when] they went to Acadia National Park and his mother disappeared when they went to sleep and he has a plastice elphant that makes him feel safe and tells all about the animal that he likes. I love this book and i think you should read it too.

  6. Elsa S. says:

    In the library, we have a ton of pet books! Maybe even too many! (Hahaha just kidding there is no such thing as to many books!!!!!!) 🙂 🙂

  7. Daisy26 says:

    I JUST finished: “Pet Gerbils” by Jerome Wexler.

  8. Daisy26 says:

    Holy moly! My idea for this actually happened thanks Mrs.P.! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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