When we think of fantasy, we usually think of stories that have lots of magic happening in them, and…

  • dragons and other magical creatures
  • witches and warlocks
  • fairy tales
  • other worlds
  • more magic!

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  1. Baymax05 says:

    The BFG
    Author:Roald Dahl
    This book is 1 book but there is anther [other] books [by Roald Dahl] on Matilda,Boy:tales of childhood,Charlie and the chocolate factory,Charlie and the great glass elevator,and James and the giant peach.
    I like this book because their was a lot of intense moments,also the adventure.
    The BFG is about Sophie who is an orphan taken by the BFG.Then she is taken to giant country.She see’s author giants but there bigger than the Big Friendly Giant,the BFG told her that the author giants eat kids,but the BFG is a dream giant.Sophie thinks of all the kids,she wants the Big Friendly Giant to make a dream about the giants and how each night they go out and eat kids,so she can give it to the Queen!Will the Queen ever help?I recommend this to people who likes intense books and action books.

  2. JKA says:

    Have you ever been in a situation that pulls you in two directions? Callum Hunt is the main character of The Iron Trial by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare. Callum accidentally gets into a magic school that is called the Magisterium. He starts to wonder whether to go to the Magisterium or stay with is dad. His dad does not approve of going to the Magisterium because magic is the reason why his mother died. During the Cold Massacre where Call’s mother died, Callum’s leg gets twisted which will effect him later in the future. Join Call and his friends as he walks through the first gate of control at the end of the book.This book is so amazing that you feel like you’re there. We thought this book was a fantastic and exiting novel.We can make so many life connections to this novel. It teaches us the meaning of friendship.We recommend this novel for those who love magical adventures.

  3. LBR 4-6 says:

    Do you believe in magic? If so you should read a thrilling series, The Magisterium by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. The Iron Trial is the first book of this series about a 14 year old boy named Callum Hunt in the Magisterium. This is a school underground that teaches how to control magic. Call’s father, Alistair Hunt, has hated magic ever since Call’s mother died from it. Call has to fail the test to get into the Magisterium, but he gets enrolled anyway and is now in the higher class than some students. This leads to twists and turns in Call’s future and past. Magic has slowly healed his leg, and he makes more friends and one is furry. This story is funny, exciting, and we loved it. This book is full of surprises. But soon a bigger test awaits Call. Will he graduate? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

  4. DBC 1-3 says:

    If you’re looking for a book full of magic, friendship and adventure, check out The Iron Trial by Holly Black. Call, the main character, gets picked on for his leg at school, but that all changes at the Iron Trial. Call fails at failing at the Iron Trial and ends up stuck underground in the Magisterium. He becomes friends with his roommates and learns the five important elements of magic. He also learns the key to his past. We really enjoyed this book, and it reminded us of Harry Potter. When you keep reading the book it gets more interesting and you always want to read more. If you liked this book there is a series that gets more intense.

    • Mrs. Patterson says:

      Great review DBC 1-3! You’re right on there being more in the series. The second is called The Copper Gauntlet, and the third is The Bronze Key.

  5. Marbles123 says:

    If you want magic and a lot of wonky then you should read Upside Down Magic. There is a girl named Nory. Her magic is fluxer. That type of magic can turn into any animal. She has trouble with her magic. She wants to get into Sage Academy. But her magic gets wonky. If you want to see what happens to her well you should read Upside Down Magic.

  6. Bookworm252 says:

    Jack Swift is born a wizard but without a stone. His aunt an enchanter hires a wizard to get Jack a stone. But the wizards implants a warrior stone so when Jack is older she can play him in The Games for The White Rose. To find out who the White Roses and the Games are you should read the Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima. There are five books in the series.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Connor P Room 222 says:

    I just recently finished reading Four part of the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. The book Four is The whole Divergent series throughs Four’s perspective you can find out things that you have never even known about Four. Even though this is through Four’s perspective it is still a great book and I encourage you guys to read it if you are into the Divergent series. This to me was a 9 out of a 10.

  9. Aparri says:

    I am reading “StarLight” (by Erin Hunter). It is about a couple of cats who are getting dreams from Starclan. Starclan is where cats that have died go if they follow the warrior code, and they have to find out what it means to keep there clan safe.

  10. Owen S. says:

    I have been reading a very great book by Brandon Sanderson called The Way of Kings. It follows many different central characters that not only have very interesting background stories, but satisfyingly relatable personalities. From the self-absorbed master spearman to the emotional assassin that is forced to do his masters’ biddings. It takes place in a medieval era world where a large war erupts after the absence of a godlike group of knights called the Radiant Knights. I can’t give away anything big, but the situations the characters are put in bring out their wonderfully told personality to create a great book.

  11. unicornking213 says:

    Terry Goodkind , The First Confessor, is a really good book it would be great for anyone who is looking for a challenge and a good long read.

  12. Brandon H. 108 says:

    I believe people should read the Harry Potter series because it’s a magical adventure in the palm of your hands. I mean I bet you saw the movie but did you know that the bike that Hagrid drove Harry to London with actually was Sirius Black’s bike? Like I said there is a lot of stuff from Harry Potter that you don’t know about because movie makers that make movies of books take stuff out. So I hope that you read the Harry Potter series. You can get it at your local library.

    • Mrs. Patterson says:

      I didn’t know the bike was Sirius Black’s! Well done! Keep your Harry Potter knowledge coming!

      • Mr. Panda says:

        Wow Brandon you really know a lot about Harry Potter 😀 I’ve only read the first book so I wouldn’t know so much my self, and I’ve seen some of the movies 🙂

  13. Alex-222 says:

    I’ve just finished reading The Iron Trial by Holly Black. This book is perfect for someone who is interested in fantasy books! In this book the main character is Callum Hunt. Through out this book he gains power and tries to fight through his life and learn how to control magic at the Magisterium, much to his father disappointment.

  14. Cole says:

    Right now I am reading an awesome book called The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer it is a great book about a brother and a sister named Conner and Alex that get a book from their grandmother about fairy tales. But Alex notices something weird about the book and gets her and her brother sucked into the fairy tale. To get back into their world they will need to collect some of the land’s most famous items to make a spell to get back. They will face danger, monsters and a evil queen will they succeed.

  15. cheese burger says:

    The Copper Gauntlet (by Holly Black, book 2 in the Magisterium Series) was a really great book. Everyone should read read it.

  16. Bookworm252 says:

    I’m reading the book The Looking Glass War by Frank Beddor. It’s about how Alice from Alice in Wonderland has to come to are world. Alice tells a man named Charles Dodson about her life before she can to are world. Meanwhile her body guard Hatter Madigan is searching for her.

  17. A great and terrible beauty says:

    You should try A Great and Terrible Beauty. It is about a girl who realizes she has the power to go into other realms. There are 3 other books in the series and the author is Libba Bray.

  18. MOOSE says:

    You should read the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare because this book has magical and mythical creatures, powers, romance, and action all in one. This book series is a great series by the author, and there is also the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare too that has to do with this amazing series.

  19. Darkreader02 says:

    Anybody (should) read The Iron Trial. It’s great book!

  20. Bookworm 252 says:

    The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan is a amazing book about Carter and Sadie Kane who are descendants of two royal famlies. They only see each other twice a year ever since their mom died they have been kept apart. When Carter and his dad Julius visit Sadie while they are driving to the British Museum. What do Carter and Sadie’s amulets stand for? Read this epic fantasy series to learn about Egyptian gods, hieroglyphs, and many other Egyptian facts. There are three books in the series each as good as the other. A MUST READ!!!!!! If you like fantasy and magic you should read this book.

  21. Bookworm 252 says:

    The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull is an amazing book. It’s a book about four kids who meet a magician who makes magical candy. Also there is another magician who makes non magic candy. Which magician is good and which one is bad? What about the mysterious man in the trench coat and fedora who keeps showing up.

    • Mrs. Patterson says:

      Sounds like a fantastic story! We have the second book, Arcade Catastrophe, available now in our library!

      • SpeedReader135 says:

        I agree. I would be interested in this book as well. I might go pick it up tomorrow as a matter a fact.

  22. Twinkle0122AJ says:

    The book I read was Warrior Cats Into The Wild By Erin Hunter Published in 2003. Its an amazing book!
    If you like cats and action like fighting, lots of deaths and a little bit of magic then you would love this series. The first book, Into The Wild, has a couple deaths and at least one fight.
    This series is very sad and you probably don’t want to get attached to a certain cat because they might die… I learned that.

  23. Madison M. says:

    My book is called My Last Best Friend by Julie Bowe it is the first book in a 3 book series. It is about at the main character Ida,whois still recovering from her best friend moves away and she doesn’t believe she will ever have an another best friend but on the first day of school she meets someone will they be friends? I like this book because I can relate to Ida and it is very hard to put the book down because it is very action packed. I recommend this book to people who like stories where the main character is getting bullied and how they over came it. I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5.

  24. Emma Y. says:

    In the book Artemis Fowl, the author Eoin Colfer does a great job sucking you into the book. When you pick up the book its like you can’t put it down. He is an amazing author. I could picture every thing that was being described, he did a beautiful job making this book. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend this book to people that love mysteries and action, I don’t recommend this book to people who don’t like mysteries or action. If you like romantic stories this is definitely not for you. You do not have to be a certain gender to read this book. What pretty much happens is this little Fairy gets kidnapped while she was restoring her powers. Her team is trying to find her, will she make it out alive…. Read the book to find out. There is also a Play-away.

  25. DonaldTrump says:

    I have read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. It is about Greek mythology and has monsters and Greek gods. I recommend it for people who like action/adventure. In the books Percy Jackson goes on many adventure for different things.

  26. Seth.M says:

    This Quarter I read THE 13 STORY TREEHOUSE By Andy Griffiths. Its about two kids that live in a 13 story treehouse they make books one book they have challenges as they go on. Its in a series which is the 26 Story Treehouse and the 36 Story Treehouse. I would have people that like fantasy read this because this has a lot of weird things, Its good for kids 8 and up because its not a really hard read.

  27. Connor P. says:

    This quarter I read Allegiant by Veronica Roth. This book was copyrighted in 2013. This book is part of the Divergent series. It is the 3rd book in the series. This book is about people that weren’t like everyone else. People are trying to kill them so they are always on the run. They are divergent so they are rare there is not a lot of divergent people. The back got me hooked in. My recommendation for this book is if you like action little bit of violence and romance I think this book should be for 5th grade up because it does have a some bad words. My opinion on this book is fairly good I would rate this book a 8.5 out of a ten. My question about this book is will their be more books to this series because I feel allegiant doesn’t really end there series and same with Four. This is my book talk on Allegiant

  28. John Cena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    I’m reading The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. There are Greek gods and lots of action.

  29. Bookworm 252 says:

    The Caretakers Guide to Fablehaven is a great informational book about the series Fablehaven by Brandon Mull.

  30. Batgirl101 says:

    I love the book Through the Woods written by Emily Carroll. It was published in 2014. This book is about 5 short stories. At the end there is a conclusion, where the author sort of connects the stories. There is an introduction at the beginning. All the stories are a little creepy, but I am sure most people can handle it. I recommend this book to 5th graders and up. I think that only 5th graders and up should read this book because some kids might get to scared.

  31. PokemonLover says:

    Hey, I’ve read a really good series called Animorphs by K.A. Applegate. It’s about a group of kids who meet an alien who gets them to morph into any living thing they touch to fight an alien invasion. (The aliens are) named yeerks who crawl into people’s heads and take control of their body. It is full of drama and adventure. There (are) about 50 books in the series.

  32. Twinkle0122AJ says:

    The book (I) read was “Drums,Girls and Dangerous Pie” (by Jordan Sonnenblick). Its a REALLY good book. It’s about a boy named Steven and he takes drums lessons and likes a girl named Renee and he has liked her for a LONG time. Anyways Steven’s little brother has a sickness that I’m not going to tell you (because) I want you to figure it out your selves.

  33. CatScratch747 says:


  34. DonaldTrump says:

    I read The Hobbit (by J.R.R. Tolkien). It was good. There were wizards, dragons, and goblins.

  35. Twinkle0122AJ says:

    FableHaven (by Brandon Mull) is awesome :3 😀

  36. Bookworm 252 says:

    The Unwanted series by Lisa McMann is a great book to read if you like magic and violence. It’s about these kids around 13 years old fighting for there life against there old community.

  37. Twinkle0122AJ says:

    Warrior cats is an awesome series about cats that live in the woods, The books have a lot of deaths and fights. The first book is called “Into The Woods” it only has a couple of fights and deaths in that one but as you read the rest there’s a lot most of there deaths are really sad and some people die of regular deaths >.<

  38. CatScratch747 says:

    If you like demons, fairies, suspense, and magic warfare, have I got a book for YOU! Fablehaven: Keys To The Demon Prison, by Brandon Mull.

  39. Barak Obama says:

    Has anyone read Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland? I really liked how it was dragons instead of humans telling the story.

  40. CatScratch747 says:

    If you like demons, fairies, suspense, and magic warfare, have I got a book for YOU! Read Fablehaven: Keys To The Demon Prison, by Brandon Mull!

  41. 'lil' alley cat says:

    Has any one read the Lunar Chronicle Series By Marissa Meyer?

  42. Kittenlover16 says:

    Totally. I love the Harry Potter series. I am only on book five and I love it.

  43. Chiken McNugget says:

    I like the Harry Potter series. It is almost the only thing i do after I get home from school.

    • Bookworm 252 says:

      The Harry Potter books by J.k Rowling are some of my favorite books. Everyone says that the 5th book is the worst, but it’s my favorite.

  44. Jarquanzela says:

    I really like The Red Pyramid series by Rick Riordan.

  45. I'm Batman says:

    I really like Lockwood and co. (at least what I’ve read already!!!)

  46. The Brotherhood Delta says:

    I just finished reading the manga fantasy, Maximum Ride. Its a great book about how the civilization has advanced a little bit and how 5 friends are trying to survive in this ”New” world or so to speak. But when one of their friends get captured they will do anything to save her. I would prefer this book to people that like comics and action. Also not minding that the main character, Max, is a girl.

  47. Mrs. Patterson says:

    I loved The Prisoner of Azkaban as well. Tell us a little about why this story was your favorite!

  48. Me, too! So glad I’m not the only one.

  49. I love the Harry Potter series, the Chronicles of Narnia, the Lord of the Rings, and many others. If you haven’t read any of these, I would totally recommend.

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