Talk about a great book…

 Tell us about what you’ve been reading!

 Consider talking about one of the following topics:

1. What type of reader might enjoy this book? Can you list other similar books?

2. Were the characters interesting? If so, why?

3. Was the author’s writing style effective? Why?

Remember, our acronym B.L.O.G., and offer your opinion, but also give the readers something to think about!

Thanks for sharing:)


  1. Maxjacobs says:

    I recently started reading, “Wonder,” for the second time. I LOVE THIS BOOK! it is by Raquel J. Palacio, and it’s REALLY GOOD! If anybody wants any more info, reply to me and I will tell you more about the story, but not all of it will be completely accurate because I am not that far in and it’s been awhile. THXS!

  2. chickin tenders says:


  3. Puniepie12 says:

    I read The misadventures of the family Fletcher.I love this book it’s about a boy that goes to a new school and has a hard time because he doesn’t talk to anyone so he wants to got back to his other school but he can’t tell his dad that he wants to go back because he pleaded him to go to this school so then his family invited people over for thanksgiving and asked how he likes his new I recommend this book for people who like weird stories.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been reading the The Heroes Of Olympus series.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just finished the seventh most important thing

  6. Zoey G says:

    I just recently finished “The Kill Order” By James Dashner. It is the 4th book in The Maze Runner series. I highly suggest you read the other 3 books to get to the 4th because in the 4th book, it goes back 13 years before Thomas and Teresa went into the Maze. Instead the book follows Mark’s POV instead of Thomas’. The book starts normal but then within a chapter or two, men in green suits come in and shoot people in Mark’s village with disease filled darts. After that it just keeps going down hill. This is a great book and I highly suggest that you give this series a try! 🙂 Its worth it…

  7. Brendan 210 says:

    I’m reading City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. It is a very suspenseful and intriguing book. It is set under ground because the earth is unliveable and it’s about 2 children that just get out of school and are setting out to find out the mystery of why the mayor is so sneaky.

    • Mrs. Patterson says:

      I totally agree that City of Ember is a suspenseful read! The idea that this society/city has been existing in a cave for hundreds of years without knowing what was right above them totally blew my mind! Great plot. Thanks for the post:)

  8. Yolo Swaggins says:

    I just read A Separate Peace by John Knowles, it is an amazing book and please look it up in the library!!

  9. Mark Of the Thief says:

    I would recommend reading Mark of the Thief by Jennifer Nielson. I loved it. It is a fiction book about a slave fighting a Roman general who is trying to steal an amulet that Nik (the main character) found in a cave. I hope you read it.

    The book is Mark Of The Thief

  10. Mrs. Patterson says:

    I’d love to know why you recommend these? Tell us more!

  11. ballizlyfe says:

    I am reading Theodore Boone by John Grisham and it is so good! It is the first book in the series out of five books and definitely recommend for anyone that likes a mystery.

  12. Liverpool soccer guy says:

    I am reading the book Lockdown (by Alexander Gordon Smith). It is very fast paced and will keep your heart pumping. I am only on the first book but if you want to finish the series you got have a lot of time since there are 5 books in the whole series.

  13. Magnus says:

    I just finished reading Magnus Chase Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan. It was awesome. It’s not in the library yet but it is coming.

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