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If you are reading, or have read, The Hunger Games, you understand how the skill of climbing and remaining high in the trees keeps two of our favorite characters, Katniss and Rue, alive. What does it feel like to hoist yourself high off the ground?

Twenty-four of our JFD students now have a sense of what it’s like to be Katniss and Rue. On Friday, February 10th, we headed north to the University of Maine’s Maine Bound Adventure Center.

The Maine Bound Adventure Center houses a 32′ tall climbing tower with multiple sides to climb, and a 45′ long bouldering wall. After listening to the University students share some safety precautions, our students fearlessly strapped on harnesses, and anxiously waited for one of the four belayers to connect them to the ropes. When they weren’t scaling the 32′ tower, they tried their darndest to free-climb the bouldering wall. Our exciting afternoon was capped off with Mr. Evans’ climb to the top!

Thanks to our amazing students, Mr. Evans, and Mrs. Bernhardt for making this after school trip such a success!