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by SilverDolpin827

Have you ever wondered what happens to your favorite fairytale characters after their stories end? In Chris Colfer’s novel The Wishing Spell you can find out! Alex and Conner’s lives have been rough since their Dad died and they are in more need than ever of a little magic. When their Grandma gives them her storybook of fairytales the twins had no idea they were going to embark on an adventure of a lifetime! After discovering the book was a portal to the fairytale land after falling into it the twins immediately start to look for a way home. Along the way, they make new friends and meet characters they had only dreamed of meeting. Little did they know they were going to discover a secret that would change their lives forever. This fast-paced adventure story is impossible to put down and you’ll find yourself wishing you could fall into this book yourself! This amazing fantasy story is full of surprising twists and will bring magic to the life of anyone who reads it.

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JFDS Student Book Review

Posted: December 9, 2017 in Reading
Mysticat33 says:
A review by Carolyne S. in 7th grade

space case jacketWouldn’t it be awesome to live on the moon? Well from experience, Dashiell Gibson can tell you no. In the novel, SPACE CASE by the well-known author Stuart Gibbs, it tells the story of Dash Gibson’s life at the new lunar colony made on the moon. It’s the year 2041 and only a few lucky families and scientists from Earth are sent to live up in the lunar colony. Dash and his family were sent from Hawaii and have to stay for three years! Dash thinks it’s such a boring life and the bathroom situation in space drives him insane. Then one night, while Dash was in the bathroom he overheard one of the most famous scientists, Dr. Holtz, talking on the phone about something really exciting. Dash was very interested and couldn’t wait until morning to hear what he was going to tell what he had discovered. But that morning Dr. Holtz was found dead and Dash thinks he was murdered. No one else will listen to him and a few people are trying to keep him quiet about Dr. Holtz’s death. Dash is determined to find the murderer and prove it to everyone else. Can Dash solve the mystery of Dr. Holtz’s death before the murderer carries out with any other plans… This intriguing mystery is filled with humor, suspense, and a little bit of science fiction as Dash unravels the mystery. I recommend this book if you have enjoyed other books by Stuart Gibbs or if you like space and astronauts. This is the first book in a three book series (the MOON BASE ALPHA series). It was well-written and I just couldn’t put it down! I hope you think about reading this sometime and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

JFDS Student Book Review

Posted: December 8, 2017 in Reading

Kwame Alexander, the author of The Crossover, released a new book called Solo. Solo follows the story of recent high school graduate Blade, the son of a washed up rock star Rutherford Morrison. The story follows the strained relationship between Blade and Rutherford as Blade tries to live his life as a normal teenager without the shadow of Rutherford and the drugs and alcohol and fame which lead Rutherford to addiction which leads most people to associate that with Blade. The reckless behavior from his family causes destruction onto Blade’s life as a family secret gets unleashed changing everything. Filled with rock music and love, Solo is a delightful read for anyone twelve and over coming in at a solid 4.5 stars.

Review by Morgan in gr. 8