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Our Peak dinner, book discussion and author visit via Skype was just a blast last Wednesday night. Mr. Evans and I could not have pulled it off without the help of the amazing group of teachers who stayed to set up, serve and clean up at the end.

Roland Smith told wonderful stories about his life, shared his thoughts on climbing Mount Everest, welcomed climber Jordan Romero, and left us with some of the best advice on writing any student will ever hear. Jordan Romero, the youngest to summit Everest (age 13), joined in the discussion about 30 minutes into Roland’s visit, and shared his experience on top of the world, and how he is turning his dream of climbing the seven summits, into a reality. Simply amazing…


A recent entry from Roland Smith’s blog (with permission, of course!) from Lori Patterson on Vimeo.

Peak is underway!

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Reading
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February and March will be filled with excitement and adventure as we make our way up the side of Mount Everest! Each reader will design a tag and progress up the mountain (on the Media Center bulletin board) as they read through the story.

We will discuss the story in person as well as here on our Reading Rocks blog page. See you there!