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masters-of-disguise-coverWe’re thrilled to announce that we will be reading another fascinating nonfiction book by Rebecca Johnson during the month of January. The book, Masters of Disguise: Amazing animal tricksters, reminds us how truly incredible the animal world is.

Students will have an opportunity to answer a few trivia questions for each chapter, giving all students a chance to win a gift card each week.

And to add to the excitement, Rebecca will be skyping with us on Thursday, January 19th in the Library!

Download the flyer for more information.

HowtheyCroakedDid you know King Tut’s cause of death wasn’t really murder? Thanks to DNA testing, and CT scans, scientists have now discovered the young king was suffering from both malaria and a broken leg. Apparently the hole in Tut’s skull was a result of the mummification process! Georgia Bragg author of How they Croaked: the awful ends of the awfully famous, shares some of the more gruesome ends to other famous folks like Poe, Henry VIII, and George Washington.

Our book group met today for the first of three meetings, during which we will be focusing on  Julius Caesar, Marie Curie, and Charles Darwin. We had a great discussion about Julius Caesar, and agreed that while his life ended tragically, his name has lived on for thousands of years. We will be meeting next week to discuss Marie Curie and how her discovery of radium and constant exposure led to her death.

Don’t forget, copies are available in our library, and this is one of this year’s Maine Student Book Award Nominees!

What Darwin SawThank you to Mrs. Vassiliev’s grade 7 life science class for creating the first set of podcasts on this blog! It all began with a conversation about kids gravitating to fiction, often missing out on reading the interesting nonfiction books on our library’s shelves. So, Mrs. Vassiliev and I developed a unit that allowed her life science students a chance to choose a nonfiction science book of their choice, interact with their book, and create a podcast review of their book. These podcasts are now available on their ESPN: exploring science publications network page under the “classroom blogs” tab above.

The students in Mrs. V’s Life Science class hope you listen to their podcasts, and of course, share your thoughts on their page!