ESPN: Exploring Science Publications Network 2013-2014

Mrs. Vassiliev’s grade 7 Life Science class  2013-2014

Looking for a good nonfiction science book? Great! Thanks to the hard work and creativity by the students in Mrs. Vassiliev’s grade 7 Life Science class, we once again have a fantastic line-up of nonfiction science book review podcasts. Put on your headphones, sit back, listen, and enjoy! Oh, and they would appreciate your comments!

In order to create these terrific podcasts, we asked the students to use sticky notes while they read. Here is the To do list (PDF) of things we asked them to think about while reading their books!

Second Quarter – 2014 podcasts


Protecting Ocean Habitats by Anita Ganeri, reviewed by Ciera

Calla coverMeteorologists by Heather Hammonds, reviewed by Calla

ZachOur Earth and the Solar System by Ken Graun, reviewed by Zachary

LucasGenomics and Cloning by Sandy Fritz, reviewed by Lucas

Brandons Sea soup screen shotSea Soup by Mary Cerullo, reviewed by Brandon

Caleb LizardsLizards by Nic Bishop, reviewed by Caleb 

ChasePPoisonous Animals by George Fitchter , reviewed by Chase

HarryRLife in an Estuary by Sally Walker, reviewed by Harry

JesseRPredators by Anita Baskin-Salzberg, reviewed by Jesse

LilyDogs by Louise Spilsbury, reviewed by Lily

Riley ElephantsFace to Face with Elephants by Beverley Joubert, reviewed by Riley

SarahDBookcoverCarnivorous Plants by Cynthia Overbeck Bix, reviewed by Sarah


First Quarter – 2013 podcasts

Spiders by Nic BishopSpiders by Nic Bishop, reviewed by Austin

Brandon_AreWeAlonePicAre We Alone by Gloria Skurzynski, reviewed by Brandon

Caleb_CreaturesPicUnusual Creatures: a mostly accurate of the world’s most strangest creatures by Michael Hearst, reviewed by Caleb

Calla_WolvesPicWhen the Wolves Returned: restoring nature’s balance in Yellowstone by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, reviewed by Calla

Cameron_PandaPicPanda Rescue: changing the future of endangered wildlife by Dan Bortolotti, reviewed by Cameron

Chase_FrogscientistPicFrog Scientist by Pamela Turner, reviewed by Chase

Ciera_WolvesPicGray Wolves by John Becker, reviewed by Ciera

Harry_ChimpanzeesPicThe Chimpanzees I Love: saving their world and ours by Jane Goodall, reviewed by Harry

Jesse_LizardsPicLizards by Nic Bishop, reviewed by Jesse

Kenzie_BlackholePicBlack Hole is Not a Hole by Carolyn Cinami DeChristafano, reviewed by Kenzie

LilySnowflakePicThe Secret Life of a Snowflake: an up-close look at the art and science of snowflakes by Kenneth George Libbrecht, reviewed by Lily

Lucas_HiddenWorldsHidden Worlds: looking through a scientist’s microscope by Stephen Kramer, reviewed by Lucas

Patrick_PaleMalePicPale Male: citizen hawk of New York City by Janet Schulman, reviewed by Patrick

Ricky_PolarBearsPicFace to Face with Polar Bears by Norbert Rosing, reviewed by Ricky

Riley_BogbodiesPicBodies from the Bog by James Deem, reviewed by Riley

Sarah_ExplodingAntsPicExploding Ants: amazing facts about how animals adapt by Joan Settel, reviewed by Sarah

Shelby_AnimalFlightPicThe Secrets of Animal Flight by Nic Bishop, reviewed by Shelby

Zach CastastrophePicCatastrophe! Great engineering failures–and success by Alfred Bortz, reviewed by Zachary

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