M.S.B.A. 2016-2017

Tell us a little about the Maine Student Book Award book you’ve just finished. It’s easy, just click REPLY below.

Each year the Maine Student Book Award committee, made up of students, teachers, and librarians, puts forth a list of wonderful fiction, nonfiction and biography books for grade 4 through 8 students to read, and choose their favorite.

You may download a PDF of the 2016-2017 list here, or link to the MSBA website.

And if you’re having a hard time getting started, take a look at our BOOK TALK STARTERS

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  1. Morgan 27 says:

    (original review published November 3rd under historical fiction)
    I just finished the book The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley and it was fantastic! This is a story set in World War two and it is about ten year old Ada and her brother Jamie who is 6. Ada has a clubfoot which makes her a “terrible cripple” according to her abusive mother. One day Ada decides to try walking even though it hurts terribly, she uses that skill to escape. Ada’s mother goes to send Jamie away so he is safe from any potential bombing. The day Jamie is due to be sent, Ada sneaks out and goes with him. A woman named Susan Smith is forced to take them in against her will by a WVS officer. There the three learn to like each other and form close bonds, but Ada keeps reminding herself how this is only temporary which gets in the way of the joy. This is a novel that pulls at your heart and makes you glad you read it! I recommend this book to anyone in sixth grade and up with a five star rating.

  2. Mrs. Patterson says:

    Calling all fans of DC Comics’ Superman series! You must try Gwenda Bond’s story, Fallout, which stars a gutsy sixteen-year-old Lois Lane who exposes a group of school bullies known as the Warheads. The story wouldn’t be complete without at least one DC superhero, and in this case the readers will recognize who Lois met Smallville Guy online (Superman).

  3. Mrs. Patterson says:

    I had to laugh when I read your comment… that Mysti’s (and your) problem with finding custom keychains hit home with me too! My first name is Lori and I’ve only seen “Laurie” keychains!
    Thanks for the terrific book talk:)

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