How They Croaked: the awful end of the awfully famous

HowtheycroakedMr. Staffiere’s ELA classes have finished reading the nonfiction book, How They Croaked: the awful end of the awfully famous by Georgia Bragg, and they would like to share their thoughts on the book!

Feel free to leave comments or questions after reading individual students’ book reviews!


  1. -FuRy2- says:

    How They Croaked is awesome.

  2. -FuRy2- says:

    I like the king tut part of the book it tells you how they think he died they say it was a [mosquito] bite but one of the clues was they trout he was [assasinated] or something but it was a [mosquito] bite. If you haven’t read it yet read it.

  3. -FuRy2- says:

    I LOVE HOW THEY CROAKED !!!!!!!!! 

  4. Brendan C. says:

    Read HOW THEY CROAKED.It is a great book!

  5. Bradley M says:

    This review is about the book How They Croaked , In the chapter about Albert Einstein.I like it for some reasons like a lot of people probably know about Albert Einstein.Plus you can find out interesting facts about people.Also you can find out where they are born and you can find out how they died.You can find out about famous people you might not know about.

  6. 2 RAW says:


  7. KEEBY says:


  8. Mrs. Patterson says:

    Dear Bloggers,

    Wow! I loved reading each and every one of your comments about How They Croaked! You inspired me to go grab my copy we have at home and re-read some of the stories. Thank you for that:)
    My favorite chapter is on Charles Darwin, and how his fear of nearly everything somehow didn’t stop him from investigating the natural world. And, who knew there is actually a word for the fear of long words!
    Thanks again everyone for your terrific book talks.

  9. chaseanator says:

    I just finished How They Croacked a book about how famous people died. if your not into blood and gore then i recommend to not read this book. This book has tons of gross things about chacters in are past that died like: king tut, albert einsten, pocahontas, and wolfgang amadeus mozart………. but its a good book well yeah if you like gore . I read this chapter that was about julies caesar where he said he was a nice dictator and he gave people good deals like free land and lots of money. The senate hated him because when caesar wanted to give tsomething o his people he commanded it, ignoring the senate. Back then Caesar was supposed to check with the Senate on everything, so Senate disliked him for what he did. This mistrust led to Caesar’s death. To learn the rest of the story so if you want more information i would get the book

  10. dustin says:

    The King Tut chapter is my favorite in How They Croaked because it tells how he was more famous then alive. He got all his guts, lungs, and liver removed and using a hook up Tut’s nose, took out his brains. Kin Tut got sliced, dismembered, X-rayed, scanned, and drilled. King Tut was given the seventy two day mummy treatment. If your a person who likes these things you should read how they croaked.

  11. Ari.H says:

    In How They Croaked my favorite chapter is Cleopatra #1 Across. I like it because I thought that it was based on Romeo and Juliet but Romeo and Juliet is actually based on Cleopatra’s story. She fell in love with Mark Antony was secretly married to him, secretly had 3 children, and decided that they wanted to rule the world together. I would defiantly read it if you like stores about love and death. I recommend this chapter to people who are ok with hearing how she died and people killing themselves and be prepared for disgusting information about how famous people died. You might think she died from a snake bite, but she actually died from… wait you need to read the book to find out!

  12. Mr. Hockey says:

    I finished reading the chapter on Galileo in How They Croaked and it was great. I like this chapter because you get learn that Galileo was a man of his word and he seemed to live forever. It’s about how Galileo was the smartest man of his time and solved things that others couldn’t know. First, he lived twice as long as other people even though he went through some tough things. Second, Galileo was smarter than everyone else so people got scared and put him in jail. I think that you would like this chapter of How They Croaked because it was a good to know that how this man went to a better life. Plus, trying to think about the things that Galileo went though back then… I couldn’t believe it. So if you like a man that was smarter and had a bad way to die, then you should read this chapter.

  13. Bacon Bomb says:

    I just finished How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg and my favorite chapter was a native american princess Pocahontas. It was the real story of pocahontas and she got kidnapped and got sick by germs. And in this chapter it tells you how she died. And if you like social studies and what happened before us you will like this chapter. I enjoyed it because when I saw the disney version of it my mom said it was the fake version of it Ive been wanting to know the real version. I think you should check this out if your interested.

    • Kittenlover16 says:

      I like Pocahontas too just not enough to write about it. Did you remember what sicknesses she got? I think I remember just not enough.

  14. Kittenlover16 says:

    I just read How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg, and let me tell you it was a great book. My favorite chapter is about Beethoven. If you do not like gross stuff, DO NOT READ THIS BLOG. I’m kidding, but it is pretty gross. Beethoven’s dad forced him to learn piano and then he got really good at it. He performed for kings and had really long hair, and by the way, his hair helps us know how he died. As you probably know Beethoven went deaf and still played really well. He had no kids even though he was named the greatest Romance composer. But he did have feelings for a girl and named a song after her, but never never told her face to face. He had a really weird life, which is why I like this chapter. So the gross part is he got sick and when he went to the hospital he had a tube go in him and grey puss started to come out. So know you know a lot but not how he died, but you still will have to read the really great book to know the whole story.

    • Ari.H says:

      I really liked your post it was really good I liked how you said who would like it and who would not. Also I liked how you showed the evidence that scientists have of how he died.

  15. amazingpancake123 says:

    My favorite chapter of How They Croaked the Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous is King Tut. I liked it because I like the history of ancient Egypt. Another reason I like it is because I like the chapters that are gross. This chapter is about a king in Egypt in 1342 b.c. He died when he was 19 years old. He is more famous for being dead than alive. The book tells about how they moved him from place to place and what happened to him after he died. You will like this chapter if you like history and gross stuff. Read this chapter to find out more about King Tut.

  16. Hollywood Undead says:

    I just finished How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg and Illustrated by Kevin O’Malley. My favorite chapter was about Cleopatra called #1 across. The story was similar to Romeo and Juliet but instead it’s Antony and Cleopatra. She was the Queen of Egypt born in Egypt 69 BC and died at the age 39 in Egypt August 12th 30 BC. She had 3 children with Antony and one with Julius Caesar. Antony and Cleopatra made a deal that they wouldn’t live without each other but because communicating was so difficult back then they ended up dying for their time. If this summary interests you then you could find out about her life and how she died in How They Croaked.

  17. puppylover36179 says:

    In How They Crocked my favorite chapter was Cleopatra #1 across. If you like Egypt then either this or king tut chapter would be the one for you. Almost everybody thought that she died fro a snake bite but if you wanna know the real reason then read this chapter. I really like it because Romeo and Juliet is based on this. She fell in love with Mark Antony. They were not suppose to be together. They get married anyway and have 3 kids and 2 disappeared. They made a promise that if one died the other would kill them selfs. They would rather dead together then live apart. If anyone found out then they were gonna kill them selfs with poison. If you wanna know more about this chapter then read it.

  18. awesome sauce says:


    My favorite chapter in how they croaked was Cleopatra.I liked it because she died in a strange way. It was a story of love but death to. When she died people thought she died of a snake bite. But she really didn’t get biting by a snake instead she pricked herself with a poison hairpin two times. You must be wondering “why would she do that?” Like i said this is also a love story a little like Romeo and Juliet. Cleopatra was madly in love with a man named Mark Antony. They promised each other if one dies the other will kill them self. Thats exactly what Cleopatra did. But,Mark wasn’t dead Mark was knocked out so Cleopatra thought he was dead.Long story short.Cleopatra got a letter saying that Mark was dead shelled her self. Mark got a letter saying she was dead he killed him self.Then,he killed him self to be with her.Cleopatra got a letter after she died.It said Mark Antony was not dead.But it was to late.i suggest this book if you like gross,romantic ,weirdness,and not judge able.

  19. -FuRy- says:

    I really enjoyed “How They Croaked” by Georgia Bragg and Kevin O’ Malley, the illustrations were great and the story telling was just amazing! My favorite chapter was, Julius Caesar: Putting the I in Ides. So Julius Caesar was rich powerful, you know…Typical rich guy. Anyway, he was actually really nice with his money, he gave a lot away to his fellow people, and, he named himself a dictator. But somebody disagreed with his kindness…And Caesar ended up dying at the hands of his own? Make your own guesses, but you’ll have to read the book to find out!

  20. awesome sauce 2 says:


    My favorite chapter from How They Croaked was Cleopatra I liked it because it was interesting and romantic. The sad thing is it is all about her death. Cleopatra did not die from a snake bite she actually died from a poison hairpin. Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt she was a very rich person she became queen at 18. then one day she met Mark Antony and even though they were on separate sides they still loved each other Mark and Cleopatra secretly got married they made a agreement if one died than the other one would also kill them selves mark got a message that Cleopatra died. Once he heard that he stabbed himself with the sword turns out that she wasn’t dead he ran over to her house and then he died right in his arms so then she poisoned her self and died so they could be together in the after life i suggest this book although its gross and weird but it is a really funny book

  21. Natasha224 says:

    MR.STAFFS call just finished the how they croaked book by Georgia Bragg.
    it was very gross but i liked it in a way. my favorite chapter was the Cleopatra chapter in this book. this story is about how they die and some are about true love to or romance to. in the Cleopatra chapter and outer chapters some will tell u how they died and if they didn’t die yet. i would not say this book is for every one because it can get very gross most of the time. the book is very interesting!

  22. Reding Rocks#207 says:


    I like the book How They Croaked chapter 7 Pocahontas.
    It is a cool story it is not at all basted on the kid version or the kid version
    is not based on the real story. She is forest to get married and her dad dost even save her. His dater.
    It is a thrilling chapter she had a son and the dad left him behind when she died.You should rely read it. It is one of the best books in the world.

  23. I really loved the book how they croaked: the awful ends to the awfully famous by Georgia Bragg. My favorite chapter was the Albert Einsten. liked it because he was so smart, but his death was HORRIBLE. the book said his head came off with a nasty noise that sounded like suction. If you haven’t read this book yet i highly recommend you do. You will love it. Most definitely.

  24. TheBookLord says:

    I’ve just finish How They Croaked: The Awful Ends Of The Awfully Famous, by George Bragg, and it was a good book! It’s a book that is about famous people and how they died. Although this book is about people’s death, it is also a funny book, so it won’t be a totally sad book. And it’s interesting to see how these famous people shaped history and our country, into what it is today. Like Charles Darwin, for example. He is in one of the chapters and what he’s famous for is his theory of evolution. And sadly he died because of many things you must find out for yourself. (If you want to find out, read the book. Wink, wink.) If you ask me, this is a great book for those who love a good nonfiction book, love history, and can withstand people’s death. I mean it, some people hate reading books about people’s death. So if you can do all those things I told you earlier, then go check out that book in the school library! You know you want to. (Wink,wink.)

  25. Cleveland Brown says:

    This page is going to be about ALBERT EINSTEIN from How They Croaked.
    I liked this chapter for a lot of reasons and here are some of the best ones . The first one is that when he got back from Germany where he was born lots of people noticed that his head was surprisingly big and it had weird angels . second,
    was that Einstein had been out thinking his teachers so he dropped out of high school and went to a polytechnic to see what he could learn there . And my favorite one is when he died doctors dissected him and put his brain in a jar.Those are some reasons that you should read the chapter, ALBERT EINSTEIN in How They Croaked.

  26. Brendan C. says:

    I just finished How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg and i really liked it.My favorite chapter was about Gorge Washington.I liked it because it was really gross and kids our age love gross things.Yes he was the first president and on the dollar bill but he had serious mouth issues.He didn’t have a single tooth in his mouth.His teeth had to be removed or it could cause death.Gorge used any medicine he could find to kill the pain.He had to eat mashed up baby food cause of his teeth.Gorges speech was only 135 words long. long cause it was so painful to talk without teeth.His speech was about his new wife Martha.After 8 years of being president he returned to his farm.Gorge died on December 14-1799.He was sixty years old.Its all on you to find how he died .If you like to be GROSSED out then this is a great book for you,read How They Croaked.

  27. Dark Flash says:

    I just finished HowThey Croaked by Georgia Bragg. My favorite chapter was George Washington, Little mouth of horrors, page 83. You may know that he was the first president of the united states and that he’s on the dollar bill but did you know that he didn’t have that healthy of a mouth. surprisingly George Washington had dentures for most of his life. On December 14, 1799 he woke up boiling hot and gasping for air. The doctors bloodletting George Washington until they had half a pint of blood. Then the doctors smeared highly poisonous beetles on George Washington’s neck. The doctors drained 80 ounces. his second inaugural speech was only 135 words long because it hurt when he spoke. Thats why i like this chapter so if you like this paragraph you should check this book out.

  28. Dr.P says:

    I just finished reading how they croaked by Georgia Bragg & I liked the
    George Washington chapter because it was funny. George had no real teeth he had fake teeth because his real teeth rotted & soon came out the next day he felt an incredibly sharp pain in his mouth he went to the doctors & they put poisonous beetles were ground up & rubbed on his neck. Then they gave him a second blistering(putting poisonous beetles on his neck) then they took a half pint of blood out of him.
    I recommend this book (& this chapter) to everyone.

  29. Peter G. says:

    I finished the chapter Julius caesar in how they croaked. A story about how famous people died and it was a great chapter. It was serius chapter with a funny twist. I recommend this chapter if your o.k. with death like funny things. It was about his love life and how he conquered war and died in his home town. First, he was a dictator who conquered many places while trying to take the world over. He paid his soldiers and gave them a home and his solders loved him for this, every buddy did….. except for the senate. He kept secrets from them and they said well we don’t like that and we will kill him and do a favor for every buddy. Well thats what they thought but when they killed Julius Caesar they figured out every buddy loved caesar so they were hunted down and before that year was over they were all dead. I recommend this book if you don’t care that much about death. And can take a joke.

  30. mackenzie says:

    I am reading how they croaked by Georgia Bragg. My favorite chapter in the book is Cleopatra #1 across.I think it was really cool how they said what many people say happened to her and how she died. Many people say she died by a snake but really it was poison.
    Cleopatra was secretly married to Mark Antony and had two kids.Antony loved cleo so much that he never wanted to leave her so when he got a letter saying cleo was dead he stabbed himself just to be with her but it turned out that she never was dead. cleo got a message not long after Antony stabbed himself saying he was dead but really wasn’t. Antony went to the palace were cleo was planing to burn down the place.when he got there he hugged cleo and die in her arms.cleo was then taken to Rome were she killed herself with a poisoned hairpin. I WOULD TOTALY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK.

    • TheBookLord says:

      You would totally recommend to who and why? I know what’s your favorite chapter, but what about the other chapters? And why do you think it’s cool how the book said what many people say that happened to Cleopatra, and how she died? Please leave me an answer soon as possible. I just want to know. Pretty please, with sugar on top?

  31. b00ny bear 105 says:

    How They Croaked: the awful ends of the awfully famous, is a awesome book by Georgia Bragg, and I recommend it to anyone who can take the guts and grossness of there death. I especially like the chapter about Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was actually a really nice guy but the senate didn’t think so. Even though Julius was doing good things he wasn’t running it by the Senate first, so the senate decided to take action. This book is all about how Julius died and if you like this chapter there are plenty more just like this!

  32. softballis$wag says:

    In Mr.Staffiere’s room we just finished How They Croaked The Awful Ends of The Awfully Famous By Georgia Bragg. I liked a specific chapter in the book called Christopher Columbus Death By Dirt. This was a great chapter because it was the nastiest chapter out of all. This chapter is all about how Christopher Columbus died of gout (Too much protein)and writers syndrome lead to Christopher Columbus’s death. He had to experience sailing on the Niña,the Pinta,and the Santa María. In the end Christopher Columbus was a hero.
    Go check this book out in the library and encourage others to read How they Croaked as well.

  33. Bradyn N. says:

    I have been reading a book called How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg.My favorite chapter was Cleopatra.The main characters are Cleopatra ,Julius Caesar,Mark Antony.Mark Antony was her first husband and soul mate they were like Romeo and Juliet in there relationship because of the way they died.There were flaws in the message sending back then cause one day Mark Antony heard Cleopatra was dead.Not knowing that it was false Mark stabbed himself with his sword but Cleopatra wasn’t really dead. After that Mark hadn’t killed himself he was just wounded so then he traveled to where Cleopatra was and he died there so Cleopatra killed herself just to be with Mark Antony in the afterlife.

  34. Isobel says:

    My favorite chapter in How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg is Christopher Columbus “Death by Dirt”.I thought it was a great chapter.It was about Christopher Columbus,how he died,and other facts about him.He wanted to sail to Spain so he could find gold.He liked to sail but sailing is what killed him. Who wanted to sail for 33 days with bad food and squished in a small cabin?He sailed and got malaria,gout, and diarrhea. That wasn’t something that you would want out at sea. Columbus would never had died if he never went sailing for how long he did and with how many people he had on the ship. So if you like stories that are funny and have a lot of facts and are also gross you should read this chapter in How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg called Christopher Columbus “Death by Dirt”.

  35. Giggles101 says:

    The chapter about Christopher Columbus in the book How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg was my favorite chapter that the book contains. It was a hilarious chapter, though it was full of some pretty gross concepts. Christopher Columbus went on many voyages to find gold for Spain. He enjoyed sailing ,but that is truly what killed him. I would advise this book for people who like to be grossed out or have a laugh. Here is a sneak peek at some grossness: while he was sailing you’d imagine that there were no bathrooms ,therefor all of the sailers used the same rope and same ledge of the ship to go. The worst part? Columbus had really bad diarrhea ,which wasn’t exactly a picnic at sea. So, if your into funny but super gross stories choose the chapter Christopher Columbus “death by dirt” in the book How They Croaked.

  36. Gustav B. says:

    My ELA class jest finished How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg.My favorite chapter was Cleopatra #1 Across.She was the queen of Egypt.I think you should get this book and go striate to the Cleopatra chapter.She lived to be 39 years old and had the romans take over Egypt.I like this book ,because its funny.It is ,because a guy killed himself ,because he thought Cleopatra was dead.That is what I like about the chapter and book.

  37. Flash says:

    just finished How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg I thought its was a really good book to read. My favorite chapter is George Washington because he was our first president of the United States, but did you know he had problems with his mouth.Washington’s dentist was anybody with pliers.He also had fake teeth/ dentures for most of his life.In the 1900s Washington couldn’t really breath that well.His doc tried to kill George. In 1977 Washington Had top of the line medical.Washington died of a infection in the mouth.I liked this chapter because I like reading about people that die.

  38. Mr.Taco says:

    My favorite chapter in How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg is,Is.I think it’s a great chapter because it shows that he wasn’t nice to anyone,not even himself.He beheaded 2 of his wives,murdered 70,000 people because they didn’t agree with him,and one gobble fest after another of super sized feast’s and troughs of wine it and Henry VIII it transformed himself from a young teenager to Humpty Dumpty.And all these things led him to his death.I think this is a great chapter because it’s not to hard and not to easy,you should read it if you get the chance.

  39. Christian says:

    I really liked the King Tut chapter from How They Croaked. It was good because it was funny and it was kind of gross. Its about King Tuts life and how he died and how they made mummies. One of the gross parts was when it said they took the brains out of the bodies nose. So if you like funny and gross books than that is a good chapter for you to read. Or you could just read the whole book because most of the book is gross and funny.

  40. Hope O. says:

    Our class just finished reading the book How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg. My favorite chapter out of all 20 chapters is Cleopatra. I really like this chapter because it tells you the real reason why she died and not what the cross puzzles say. They say she died from an Asp. But thats not true. She died from a poison hairpin by choice. She stabbed herself with a hairpin dipped in poison because she couldn’t be with her love, Julius Caesar. I think that the chapter Cleopatra is a wonderful chapter that has a mystery twist to it. I would encourage anyone who loves gross and funny stories to read the chapter Cleopatra the book, How They Croaked.

  41. Julia says:

    In Mr. Staffiere’s class we read How They Croaked The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous by Georgia Bragg,but I mostly liked the chapter Christopher Columbus Death by Dirt.I liked it because it was gross if you like gross books I recommend this book and this chapter.I don’t want to give it all away but he gets sick a lot on the ship he goes on.The ships he goes on with the all sailors is the Niña, the Pinta,the Santa María.Christopher Columbus ended up finding “the new world.”In the end he he doesn’t have a great death, he dies of too much protein and being on the ship too much.You should go check this book out at the library it is a great book.

    • TheBookLord says:

      Julia, if you like to read books that gross you out, then go check out Zombie Makers: True Stories of Nature’s Undead, by: Rebecca L. Johnson. It’s a cool book about, you know, true stories about Nature’s undead. It’s not that gross, but for some people, it’s gross enough. So if you want to sigh out that book, you can. (Wink, wink)

  42. The Letter Bee says:

    I just finished How They Croaked by, Georgia Bragg. I think you: Whom ever shall be reading my blog post should check out the Galileo section of this book. It is on page 59 of this book. In this chapter the famous Galileo actually died from like, 10 diseases and lived to be 77. He was born in Italy in 1564 and died in Italy 1642. Also, he was the famous scientist that found the black spots on the sun!

  43. Boo bear 104 says:

    How They Croaked is a really cool book . It has a gruesome style and it will really gross you out. It is by Georgia Bragg. My favorite chapter is Julius Caesar. I thought it was the most interesting chapter because Julius Caesar was actually a nice guy. It had all the details about his love life and how he was killed. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to read about guts and gore and if you like the whole assassination thing. If you can’t take the grossness then don’t read this book.( Warning in beginning of the book)

  44. Howser123 says:

    My ELA class just finished How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg. My favorite chapter was the chapter about Cleopatra. She died almost like Romeo and Juliet did. She died because she she couldn’t be with the love of her life. Cleopatra was very rich with lots of gold. Thats the only reason Julius Caesar wanted to be with her. Her death was caused by a hairpin that was dipped in poison. She had 2 prick marks on her arms of where the hairpin got her. There was no struggle in her death it just happened.

  45. Cameron L. says:

    You probably already know this by now, but this chapter is from “How They Croaked the Awful Ends to the Awfully Famous”, by Georgia Bragg. The chapter is named Ludwig Van Beethoven, and well…It’s about Beethoven. It’s amazingly detailed, giving you the feel like you are standing over Beethoven, writing down what is happening to him, in as much detail as possible… Though there are some grotesque parts, but that’s the thrill of each, and every chapter in this very book. And, it gives a some information on Beethoven’s childhood, and it quickly goes through important events in his life, up into his death, where Bragg dragged it out. It’s amazing how the author wrote it in such detail, like the many other chapters. Though these chapters are grotesque, horrible, it still makes it a good book to read. If you want entertainment, and information, this is the book for you. (And to save you some trouble, if you have the book, the chapter Ludwig Van Beethoven starts on page 99)

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