Fever, 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson

Fever coverMr. Staffiere’s ELA classes have finished reading the historical fiction novel, Fever, 1793, by Laurie Halse Anderson, and they would like to share their thoughts on the book!

Feel free to leave comments or questions after reading individual students’ book reviews!


  1. chickenpickle52 says:

    I loved Fever. It looks boring on the outside but wow it’s truly awesome on the inside. I am currently reading it in Mr. Staffiere’s class.

  2. me me big boy says:

    This book is awesome.

  3. I love Fever 1793 its one of my favorite books.

  4. baconator28 says:

    I’m reading that right know in Mrs. Foss room

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am currently reading Fever with Mrs. Foss and I would recommend it, its great.

  6. -FuRy- says:

    Reading it currently in Mr. Staffiere’s ELA class, amazing book. =P

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is a good book for people that like history and drama and adventure it is based on a diseases that happened in Philadelphia when philadelphia was the capital of the United States of America and mattie is trying to survive in Philadelphia she helps with the coffee house and she just like to sleep and stay in bed and do nothing and she tries to leave with grandfather and they are foresd to leave andshe finds elisa and she stays at her house with the others and it is a good book

  8. creeper18 says:

    Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson
    It is about a girl named mattie who live’s in Philadelphia in her family business with here mom, grandfather and the cook Eliza. Than and tragdy strikes. If you like history like me you will love this book if you know nothing about history than find your self a differnt book. The reason I like this book is that after chapter your left hang and it pushes you to read the next chapter. so what I am saying this book is amazing !

  9. Brayden S says:

    Fever 1793 Brayden S.
    I recommend this book because, it is just an amazing book. The story is about Mattie, a girl who works in the family business (Cook’s Coffeehouse). Life is alright until one day in August, their helper Polly got sick and died unexpectedly, fear sweeps Philadelphia’s streets, creeps everyone out, and nobody is sure whats going on. Yellow Fever struck once again. Mattie’s mother has caught the fever. Now, Mattie and Grandfather must get away from the city, and take care of each other. Will Mattie and Grandfather make it to Ludington’s farm? Is Mother alive? But the most important question is…will Mattie ever learn how to SURVIVE this deadly plague? Read Fever 1793 to find the answer.
    I recommend this book to my step-mother because, she likes history and would get information of Yellow Fever.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Fever 1793 by Laurie Anderson

    Mattie (the main character) started with a normal life but all that was about to change forever…
    Fever 1793 is a good book for readers that like adventure or drama books. Fever 1793 is an intense book based in Philadelphia during the Yellow Fever when the epidemic struck the world in 1793. I love this book and will recommend it to people who are interested in the book. Mattie’s father died while building the Cook’sCoffeeHouse her grandfather came to help out after the event.

  11. Iluv1d1023 says:

    The book I would recommend is Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson. Its starts with a girl named Matilda. Her father died 3 years before so now it is just her, her mother and Grandfather and her housemaid Eliza. They all work in their coffeehouse. At the beginning Matilda doesn’t like waking up and doing things, she acts very childish. Her mother ends up with the yellow fever, her and grandfather set off to one of their family friends house. On their way they get kicked off the wagon because people thought they had yellow fever. Grandfather gets ill and Matilda has to do everything by herself. Matilda ends up with the fever and goes to a yellow fever hospital. When she recovers they head back to the coffeehouse to find mom and Eliza and they were not found. They slept there for a while and one night something happened to grandfather. By then she was forced to grow up and act like an adult. On her way back from somewhere, she finds a little girl whose parents died from the fever. Matilda picked her up and took her with her. She thought she had found Eliza so she ran everywhere with little girl named Nell in her arms. She finally found Eliza and they went to Eliza’s brothers house. Matilda told Eliza everything that happened and Eliza let her stay with her and her family. The kids got the fever so they moved everything to the coffeehouse where there were more windows. Soon the weather gets colder and the kids heal from the fever. They decide to open the coffee house again. I will not share anymore from the story. I would recommend this book to you because it has a really good lesson to it.

  12. Chelsea says:

    Fever 1793, by Laurie Halse Anderson
    This book is about a girl named Matilda who wanted to sleep the day away but, in the book her best friend Polly died from a fever that was called the Yellow Fever. The fever gave you terrible side effects. The only way you can tell someone is dying is by a ring of the church bell. Matilda’s mom went out for errands, and she got the fever. Then grandfather had to take care of her until her mother came back.
    Matilda had to grow up to be an adult, and then she finds Nell. Matilda had to take care of Nell, because her mom died from the fever. When Matilda finds Eliza, her coffee house cook, they take care of the sick people together. When the fever is over even the President comes back to Philadelphia. I recommend that everyone should read this good book, because it teaches you to be responsible, and caring. Also it teaches us about the history of Philadelphia, in the 1790’s.

  13. Hunter S. says:

    Fever 1793 By Laurie Halse Anderson Hunter S.

    I recommend this book because it is a masterpiece. It is about a girl named Mattie who lives in Philadelphia with her grandfather and her widowed mom who owns a Coffeehouse that they all run together. But on August 16,1793 they find out that Polly a girl who works for them died the night before and the city find out it is yellow fever.Later Mattie’s Mom has fever and tells Mattie and her Grandfather to flee the city.Will Mattie and Grandfather survive? Will they meet Mother again? Will they make it to the Ludington’s residence? Read Fever 1793 to find out.

  14. BTR761 says:

    The book my class and I finished is Fever 1793 written by Laurie Halse Anderson. The main character is Mattie. If you like historical fiction then this is a great book for you to read.This is a small summary about the book for you. The book is about is 14 year old girl that over comes so many obstacles when the yellow fever is going around. She lost a lot and gain some as well. Some of the charters are Grandfather,Mother,Polly,Eliza,Robert,WIlliam,Nell, and Nathaniel.I think if you like a thriller that this is a great book for you that. Read this is book it’s great.

  15. 1DGIRL153 says:

    I would recommend reading the book Fever 1793 written by Laurie Halse Anderson it is a really good book!If you do not like historical fiction or sad books this book isn’t a good book for you.The book is an awesome book I loved it, and I don’t really like historical fiction or sad books, but I loved this book.If you rather read something closer to this generation this wouldn’t be a good book for you.I would read another story by Laurie Halse Anderson.SUMMARY of the book:Matilda Cook, and her family Mother, Grandfather, and herself run a coffee shop.One day there was a deadly fever YELLOW FEVER the family is trying to survive through the fever.Matilda gets separated from her mother during the fever and grandfather has to take care of her and the adventures begin!

  16. xX_BVB-ARMY_Xx says:

    One of the books I finished reading was Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson. It is a historical fiction book but it also has some real things that happened mixed in. This is one of the best books I have read. It is about a young girl named Mattie who lives in Philadelphia when they have a fever epidemic but, will Mattie survive? I would recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction because it takes place so long ago.

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