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Mysticat33 says:

A long time into the future, a young woman named Nell, lives in a place called the Pale and Pasture. The sick live in the Pale, the healed lived in the Pasture. The island was desolated and barricaded from human interaction of the outside world during a horrible epidemic with a disease that takes people’s limbs. Nell is one of the many survivors of the sickness by being given biochemical heart, the first person with an biochemical organ transplant. But unfortunately her father was the genius who invented the biochemical limbs as a fight against the sickness. Now everyone expects her to have the same world-changing ideas. In the book SPARE AND FOUND PARTS by the new author Sarah Maria Griffin, it tells the story of how Nell is coping with everyone knowing her as the daughter of the famous Dr. Crane. She wants to do something huge, something good for the community. It’s hard when she barely has any friends since her heart ticks like a clock every day so everyone sees her a different. Then one day she finds a hand on a beach and it sparks a new idea. What if she could build a whole person from just spare and found parts? This is a completely new novel that has many secrets and interesting mechanics in it. If you love engineering, dystopian worlds, or ingenious character personalities, this book might be right for you!

Silverdolphin827 says:

Have you ever wondered what the world will look like in a few hundred years? If so that you will defiantly be interested in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Guy Montag is a fireman. He burns books for a living. Just like his father and his father’s father. Montag is happy…or is he? One day when he was walking home from work he meets a girl named Clarisse. She was different. She spent time thinking, her family sat around just talking, and she made him realize he wasn’t happy. Montag no longer was happy burning books. He wanted to read them. So when they were burning down a house that was holding books Montag took one. What will happen now? Find out in this fast-paced story of a dystopian future.

athlete vs. mathlete coverThinkPoodles says:

I recently finished Athlete VS. Mathlete by W.C. Mack. This book follows the two stories of fraternal twins Owen and Russell Evans. Owen has always been the family’s star athlete, while Russell would rather focus on his Masters of the Mind competitions. However, when the new coach for the basketball team arrives he puts Russell on the team. Eventually, it shows that Russell is a pro at basketball. Meanwhile, a new student threatens Russell’s position as leader of his Masters of the Mind team. Russell is going to need some help, luckily the perfect person lives just down the hall. Can Russell keep his rightful place, and can this family have two athletes? Read the book to find out.

ThinkPoodles says:

I recently finished a book series not currently found in the JFDS library. The Last Kids on Earth, by Max Brallier, follows Jack Sullivan, and to put it into Max’s own words, “POST-APOCALYPTIC ACTION HERO!” Set in the once-charming little town of Wakefield where monsters now roam the Earth. You’ll see your typical zombies, but you’ll also see some unique original monsters. Can Jack survive the monster apocalypse and complete the “ULTIMATE FEAT OF APOCALYPTIC SUCCESS?”  Read the book to find out.

by SilverDolpin827

Have you ever wondered what happens to your favorite fairytale characters after their stories end? In Chris Colfer’s novel The Wishing Spell you can find out! Alex and Conner’s lives have been rough since their Dad died and they are in more need than ever of a little magic. When their Grandma gives them her storybook of fairytales the twins had no idea they were going to embark on an adventure of a lifetime! After discovering the book was a portal to the fairytale land after falling into it the twins immediately start to look for a way home. Along the way, they make new friends and meet characters they had only dreamed of meeting. Little did they know they were going to discover a secret that would change their lives forever. This fast-paced adventure story is impossible to put down and you’ll find yourself wishing you could fall into this book yourself! This amazing fantasy story is full of surprising twists and will bring magic to the life of anyone who reads it.

Read another fantasy book review by SilverDolphin827, here.

Review by JFDS teacher Mrs. Kennedy who teaches 8th grade social studies and ELA.

JFDS Student Book Review

Posted: December 15, 2017 in Reading, Student Book Review
2017/12/14 at 9:59 pm

A review by Morgan in 8th grade

As of late, I’ve been on an extreme reading kick and (knock on wood) I hope that doesn’t end soon. I’ve just been devouring novels like my life depends on it, and Cress by Marissa Meyer was no different as the 550 page novel was read just as quickly and easily as a 200 page book. Cress is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles quartet following Linh Cinder, a cyborg mechanic turned wanted criminal from New Beijing, Carswell Thorne, a fugitive who’s been disobeying the rules since he was born, and Scarlet and Wolf, a hotheaded French 18 year old who’s the series’ counterpart to Little Red Riding Hood and her love interest who was a former Lunar warrior. The four all have one common goal, prevent the power hungry leader of the Lunars, Queen Levana, from marrying the young Emperor of New Beijing, Emperor Kaito, and causing endless pain and suffering on Earth. Under Levana’s control works a miserable 16-year-old girl named Cress who is forced to hack for the Queen’s assistant in order to proceed in forcing the Earthen leaders to relinquish power over to her. In a desperate attempt for escape from her Satellite prison of seven years, Cress enlists the help of the four formerly mentioned space fugitives, bringing a lot more danger and adventure on the path to starting an inevitable war between Earth and Luna. Cress was a thrilling read that surpassed the high standards Cinder held making any reader not wanting to put the book down as the thrill of the science fiction, romance, and political downfall, coming in at a strong 4.9/5 stars. Recommended for those with a love for Sailor Moon, Divergent, Harry Potter, The Land of Stories, and/or The School for Good and Evil, Cress was a stunning novel that was nearly impossible to put down.

JFDS Student Book Review

Posted: December 9, 2017 in Reading
Mysticat33 says:
A review by Carolyne S. in 7th grade

space case jacketWouldn’t it be awesome to live on the moon? Well from experience, Dashiell Gibson can tell you no. In the novel, SPACE CASE by the well-known author Stuart Gibbs, it tells the story of Dash Gibson’s life at the new lunar colony made on the moon. It’s the year 2041 and only a few lucky families and scientists from Earth are sent to live up in the lunar colony. Dash and his family were sent from Hawaii and have to stay for three years! Dash thinks it’s such a boring life and the bathroom situation in space drives him insane. Then one night, while Dash was in the bathroom he overheard one of the most famous scientists, Dr. Holtz, talking on the phone about something really exciting. Dash was very interested and couldn’t wait until morning to hear what he was going to tell what he had discovered. But that morning Dr. Holtz was found dead and Dash thinks he was murdered. No one else will listen to him and a few people are trying to keep him quiet about Dr. Holtz’s death. Dash is determined to find the murderer and prove it to everyone else. Can Dash solve the mystery of Dr. Holtz’s death before the murderer carries out with any other plans… This intriguing mystery is filled with humor, suspense, and a little bit of science fiction as Dash unravels the mystery. I recommend this book if you have enjoyed other books by Stuart Gibbs or if you like space and astronauts. This is the first book in a three book series (the MOON BASE ALPHA series). It was well-written and I just couldn’t put it down! I hope you think about reading this sometime and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

JFDS Student Book Review

Posted: December 8, 2017 in Reading

Kwame Alexander, the author of The Crossover, released a new book called Solo. Solo follows the story of recent high school graduate Blade, the son of a washed up rock star Rutherford Morrison. The story follows the strained relationship between Blade and Rutherford as Blade tries to live his life as a normal teenager without the shadow of Rutherford and the drugs and alcohol and fame which lead Rutherford to addiction which leads most people to associate that with Blade. The reckless behavior from his family causes destruction onto Blade’s life as a family secret gets unleashed changing everything. Filled with rock music and love, Solo is a delightful read for anyone twelve and over coming in at a solid 4.5 stars.

Review by Morgan in gr. 8

Maine writer Gillian French

Posted: December 6, 2017 in Reading

I went to the Bangor Public Library recently for a talk by Maine author, Gillian French, and I had the most wonderful time. It can be tough getting motivated to go out on these dark December evenings, but I am so glad I did as Gillian shared memories of her childhood and teenage years and how many of her memories became ideas for her books.

I purchased a copy of her newest book, The Door to January, for our library. Gillian read part of the first chapter and she immediately had everyone in the audience on the edge of our seats. I know this book is going to be a perfect read for those of you who love a good spooky ghost story!

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Taking the time to reflect…

Posted: October 29, 2017 in Reading

This fall, I asked all of our students to create a “reading log or journal” so they might pause and reflect on what they’ve read or listened to before moving on to their next book. While some might choose to write a brief summary, others might choose to write a question, or a connection the book had to their world. I’ve also asked them to add any title they’ve started, and to reflect on why they did or didn’t finish the book. I hope the reading log helps our students grow as readers.

I’ve started my reading log, and only wish I had done this years ago!

Thank you to all of our students who added to our Favorite Books of 2016-2017 lists this year!

When I asked students during their book browse classes this week to consider adding the title and author of their favorite book they read this year I was blown away by their willingness and ease in choosing their favorite. Please continue to read over the summer, and I look forward to more reading adventures next school year.

Here are each grade’s book posts in Padlet:

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Join us this March and April as we read Jordan Romero’s inspirational memoir about summiting the seven tallest peaks on each continent.

If you’re not quite sure about the book, just read a few pages and see if it’s for you. We have two really great activities to go along with the book:  a trip to University of Maine’s climbing wall, and a Skype with Jordan!

Download the flyer and find out what else is happening in our Library this spring.

I went to bed last night resigned to the fact that I’ve caught the head cold that so many of you have been bravely battling for the past few weeks. The itchy, scratchy throat, watery eyes, and soon-to-be runny nose is just a fact of life, particularly when we spend so much of the day together at school. How grateful was I when my phone rang while I was having my coffee this morning to hear Dr. Webb announce that today there would be no school. Snow day! Or in this case, ice day!  Don’t get me wrong–I love going to school every day, but today, not feeling 100% with the chance to get cozy on our couch and finish a great book by one of my favorite authors, was just a wonderful surprise!

Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo brings three girls together when they meet at Ida Nee’s baton twirling class one hot summer day in Florida. Each girl, Raymie, Beverly, and Louisiana, is at Ida’s for very different reasons, and although they aren’t aware of it at the beginning of the story, they have more in common than they realize. Beware though…this story might cause you laugh out loud as you read one page, cry the next, and will most definitely draw you in as the three set out on a mission of tremendous importance.

Chester, our cat, loves a good book too!

Chester, our cat, loves a good book too!