Don’t miss reading Masters of Disguise

Posted: December 20, 2016 in Reading
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masters-of-disguise-coverWe’re thrilled to announce that we will be reading another fascinating nonfiction book by Rebecca Johnson during the month of January. The book, Masters of Disguise: Amazing animal tricksters, reminds us how truly incredible the animal world is.

Students will have an opportunity to answer a few trivia questions for each chapter, giving all students a chance to win a gift card each week.

And to add to the excitement, Rebecca will be skyping with us on Thursday, January 19th in the Library!

Download the flyer for more information.

  1. DefNotStarDelux says:

    Some are gross some aren’t.

  2. DefNotStarDelux says:

    Not really they are really cool I especially like the owl on page 5 at first it was kinda hard to see but then after a minute I saw it.

  3. Mr. Natchoz says:

    Cool beans!

  4. Mr.FuzzyPants says:

    The book is hard to read because all of the pictures have a gross pictures

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