It’s time to make our shopping list!

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Reading

Here’s your chance to speak up for books, audio books, and magazines you want to see in the library next year!

All you need to do is…

  1. Reply to this post by clicking on the “talking bubble” at the top right
  2. In the reply box, write the author and title of the book(s) you are thinking of
  3. OR… describe the kinds of books you think we need. For example, more “C.S.I. type of mysteries”.

Check out the following amazing book review sources for ideas!

  1. Catwoman says:

    Mrs. Patterson could we get The Daughters series? I started reading it but I never got to finish it!

  2. Fun Size says:

    We should get the whole Alex Rider series. I’m on the 3rd to last book of the series and it’s a great set of books!

  3. Daniel R/ Doctor Who says:

    i think we should have The Last Dragonslayer

    • Mrs. Patterson says:

      Hey Dr. Who,

      We do have The Last Dragonslayer. It’s on this year’s Maine Student Book Award list. I am so glad you have discovered this great series! We’ve just ordered the second in the series!! Come in and check it out:)

  4. Robert J-K says:

    We need the rest of the Dan Gutman Baseball cards adventure books like….

    Ted & Me
    Havent read it yet but I want to

  5. Emma P. says:

    Rift and Rise the prequel books to Nightshade πŸ™‚

  6. DILLAN L. says:

    The library needs more books about north and south korea,those things really interest me
    thank DILLAN

  7. Emma P. says:

    The house of night books

  8. Emma P. says:

    DNAngel volumes 3 and above, and the books after Paranormalcy.

  9. daniel says:

    i thick that we should have minecraft books

  10. Paul..(a.k.a..maritza) says:

    You should get,
    This is what happy looks like by:Jennifer E.Smith

  11. Ashton .C says:

    may you please get the Rising by Temple Mathews and the Sword of Armageddon it’s THE SERIES OF THE NEW KID PLEASE GET Them

    Ashton C.

  12. Batman says:

    Pretty little liars! :’)

  13. Kallie T. says:

    Can we get the other Elsewhere Chronicles books? We have 1-5 but there has to be more because it just stops…….. :I

  14. Emma P. says:

    How about more Naruto mangas, both libraries are missing quite a few volumes.

  15. Kallie T. says:

    Mrs.Patterson has anyone asked/suggested about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books?
    I really love the movies I want to know how good the books are.

    • Emma P. says:

      We have those books here at the library, and at the BPL they have those if they aren’t on the shelves here.

  16. William H. says:

    Halo: First Strike, Halo: The Fall of Reach, and Halo: The Flood

  17. Alex says:

    A dog book or two about tips:)

  18. Jennifer L. says:

    Maybe you could get more student resources for math, science and reading ELA too.

  19. Jennifer L. says:

    Mrs. Patterson you should get more copies of “Drama” for our library and maybe one more of each of the maine student book award. I ‘m obsessed with it I’ve read 8 already thank you !!!!!

  20. Billy says:

    You should try to get the whole Kingdom Hearts series πŸ™‚

  21. Billy says:

    more Kingdom Hearts Books.

  22. Kallie T. says:

    Mrs.Patterson next year can we get more comics

  23. Zeb says:

    Could you get a book on Rob Dyrdek.

  24. Kenzie C. says:

    Can you get a few Charmed books and i think that new movie Stephine Meyers the one who does the Twilight series her new movie Host.

  25. zeb says:

    could you get some joe flacco and ray lewis books

  26. Kathleen says:

    Could you get books 4,5, and 6 of the dreamhouse kings series and more books by Erin Hunter

  27. Destiny says:

    I started reading the edge chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell from Mrs.Simoneau’s bookshelf but she only has the first one. I would really like to see them in the library because I really enjoyed the first book.

  28. Caroline B. says:

    Mrs. Patterson, for next year can we get the last book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series entitled, “Sisterhood Everlasting”?

  29. Mrs. Patterson says:

    Thanks to everyone who has added to our “shopping list” so far! You are THE BEST!
    Please don’t be offended if I haven’t replied to each of your suggestions–I will consider each carefully:)
    Keep them coming!

  30. Kenzie C. says:

    You need to get Scarlet by- Marissa Meyer

    • Mrs. Patterson says:

      Yes! That’s the sequel to Cinder–the second in the Lunar Chronicles. Great suggestion!

  31. Cameron says:

    Can we get some Boston Bruins books and recent players biographies.

  32. Daniel M says:

    minecraft for dummies

  33. Emma P. says:

    Also please get some more super natural books, like vampires, warewolves, and that kind of stuff.

  34. cowgomoo13 says:

    I think we should have the book The Horn of Moran and the whole series Adventurers wanted. Great series and everybody loves it.

  35. Lizzy M. says:

    Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
    More Edgar Allen Poe books, not stories, but poems!

  36. Emma G. says:

    I think that you should consider getting more of Elizabeth Reyes.

  37. Margo R. says:

    More John Green!

  38. Peter K. says:

    The Grapes of Wrath!

  39. Not sure the Author says:

    The Elegance of a Hedgehog, by ???

  40. John C. says:

    Harry Turtledove

  41. Paul..(a.k.a..maritza) says:

    The soul seekers Series By Alyson Noel:Fated,Echo,and Mystic are the titles.
    A beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies
    For the dead is series:Dead is not an option by Marlene Perez
    Sometimes it Happens by Lauren Barnholdt
    Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill
    And if you can get the rest of The Vampire Academy series you these books(all by Richelle Mead):Shadow Kiss,Blood Promise,Spirit Bound,and Last Sacrifice.
    I hope I helped.

  42. Alana B says:

    I think you should get a book called “Ten” by Gretchen McNeil.

  43. Carly C says:

    Burning Blue by paul griffin
    What i saw and how i lied by Judy Blundell
    Tokyo Heist by Diana Renn
    Un Lun Dun by China Mieville
    I hunt killers by Barry Lyga
    The vanishing game by Kate Kae Myers

  44. Brittany says:

    Mrs. P you told me to remind you to get the rest of the Pretty Little Liars series because you where missing some of them. ( and a lot of my friends keep bugging me about it too!)

  45. Awesomeness!!!!! says:

    you should get more vampire diaries

  46. Kenzie C. says:

    Get some books that are like Gamer Girl By- Mari Mancusi

  47. Sean says:

    Please get the rest of the multiple series of Warriors by Erin Hunter. There is the power of three series, there is the first series, and I believe that there are either 1 or 2 more series following that. There are also the animated series, with Scourge, the rogue cat that is very small, but lethal.

  48. Karl says:

    It is not really a book suggestion, but more of a placement suggestion. I was thinking that many people like sports books so maybe put them into one place instead of L for Lupica

  49. 1142 says:

    More dinosaur books!!!

  50. CAP#2:) B) says:

    I think you should get the second series to The Slayer Chronicles “Second Chance” BEST BOOK EVER!!

    • Mrs. Patterson says:

      Will do. Glad to hear it is worth purchasing.

    • CAP#2:) B) says:

      Also Mrs.P, the Mickey Bolitar series is GREAT!!!! by Harlen Coben

      • Mrs. Patterson says:

        This series was off my radar completely. Due to the intended audience let’s check to see if the high school has them in their library. Maybe it’s a title we can borrow from them when needed?

  51. Pie says:

    Drama – Raina Telegimier.

  52. Noah M. says:

    The 12th Rangers Apprentice book coming out in October this year from what I’ve heard.

  53. Emma says:

    Perks Of Being a Wallflower

  54. kahia_moostaches :) says:

    Get more DRAMAS please

  55. Mary says:

    The Boy In Striped Pajamas.

  56. Mary says:

    Tales of Terror – Edgar Allen Poe.

  57. Zach B. says:

    Daniel X the whole series ( the manga) I love the Daniel X manga and want more of them to read.

  58. LexyP says:

    Hi Mrs. P. Do you have any other books like “Life as we knew it”?

  59. Nickolas M says:

    I think you should get Survivors the empty city By Erin Hunter and the Warriors power of three by Erin Hunter because in the series we only have book 1 book 2 and book 5.

  60. Tiffany K says:

    Mrs.P, I really think we should have the book series Thirst because… I have already read the 1st and 2nd and 3rd and now I am waiting to read the 4th and I really want to read that one!! πŸ™‚

  61. Nina says:

    Can you please get the whole series of beautiful creatures, please I love the first book and can you get the house of hades from the series of the olympians.

  62. Olivia C. says:

    Mrs. P I want all of the April Henry books pleasee…. !

  63. Selena says:

    The Summer I turned Pretty By Jenny Han? (:

  64. Megan C. says:

    Susane Colasanti

  65. Sherwin says:

    “Seriously…I’m Kidding” by Ellen Degeneres.

  66. Madi says:

    Get more copies of Susan Colasanti

  67. Derek says:

    Books that are a lot like the Berlin Boxing Club where it both contains sports and history.

  68. Jade says:

    You should get Love and Other Perishable Items

  69. Anonymous says:

    Get some more copies of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

  70. Dylan says:

    Hana’s Suitcase a True Story, I wanted to read this for my holocaust book, but there wasn’t a copy! The book sounds extremely interesting.

  71. John says:

    Where ever I wind up
    R.A. Dickey with Wayne Coffey

  72. mckenzie says:

    You should get more Sarah Dessen books!

  73. Grace M. says:

    Get more copies of Annexed, by Sharon Doger!

  74. Eddie W. says:

    there should be more books on reptiles

  75. Daniel M says:

    legend of zelda ocarina of time part 1 and 2 please and thank you

  76. Alexis says:

    The Emerald series please!!

  77. J.B. says:

    please get a book about roller coasters

  78. Ashton .C says:

    Mrs.P please find more books like TOBY GOLD And THE SECRET FORTUNE

  79. Hunter w says:

    more motorcross books and more basketball books

  80. Kayla B says:

    I think you should get the book Cabin on Trouble Creek by Jean Van Leeuwen. Its a great adventure book, about two boys left in the woods to make their own home tell the family comes back.

  81. Hannah M. says:

    The Host by Stephanie Meyer. It has romance, adventure ,and the concept of what is out there we don’t know about. I recommend this book for everyone and give it a score of 30 out of 10.

  82. Jenna W says:

    More Raina Telgemeier books, like Drama when it comes out. Plus some more Dork Diaries please!

    • Brittany says:

      Those where really good books, sometimes i think they are to easy for us , but i guess that is what makes reading those books fun !

  83. Jack says:

    White Sands Red Menace by Ellen Klages.

  84. Anonymous says:

    The Help by Kathryn Stockett

  85. Sydnie M. says:

    Please get Safe Haven because I saw the movie and I loved it!

  86. Emma P. says:

    Japanese pop-culture, how to speak/read/write in languages (Japanese) , manga, and Mortal Instruments series.

  87. Gage N. says:

    If you can get more or even newer copies of some H. G. Wells, Jules Verene, and Edgar Allen Poe.

  88. William H. says:

    Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian

  89. Chris says:

    More Military stories

  90. cody says:

    The rest of the cirque du freak and u should get the Demonata books too they are a great books, The Saga of Larten Crepsley series, Rage Within, A Temptation of Angels, Immortal City, and the rest of A Wizard of Earthsea serise. thank you

  91. Jared M. says:

    You REALLY need to get the newest book coming this fall by Rick Riordan, The House of Hades! It’s the sequel of Lost Hero, Son of Neptune, and Mark of Athena. You also need to get some more Star Wars books.

  92. Austin F. says:

    I think we need some of the Books in The “Cirque du Freak” Series.
    #1 Living nightmare
    #4 Vampire Mountain
    #8 Allies of the Night
    #9 Killers of the Dawn

  93. Reggie says:

    The rising and the sword of armegeddon, the sequels to the new kid by Temple Mathews would be awesome to have.

  94. Anna says:

    More Daniel X and other superhero books please. Thanks

  95. Noah says:

    You should also get Maze Runner

  96. Anonymous says:

    we had a copy of l8r g8r and its now missing so i think we should get another copy of that, and the book bff by lauren myracle. thanks they are more girl focused books but I really like them

    • Anonymous says:

      The book bff, is a do it your self book, so really only one person can get it… I do agree on l8r g8r even though I lost it

    • Brittany says:

      I really like Lauren Myracle she is a really good writer and I don’t think I can say that I’ve read a book by her and haven’t liked it.

  97. Rachelme says:

    We should get more Calvin and Hobbes books by Bill Watterson!!!

  98. Pseudonymous BOSCH says:

    Mysterious Benedict Society

  99. Noah says:

    You should get the Mysterious Benedict society it’s one of my favorite books πŸ˜€

  100. Alexander M. says:

    Can you please get “Beyond Belief,” the Josh Hamilton biography.

  101. Olivia B says:

    Country Girl City Girl please

  102. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mrs.Patterson get Junie B.Jones Books we will miss you next year.

  103. Cassie says:

    Get Fins are Forever by Tera Lynn Childs.

  104. Ethan says:

    You should get Finding Zasha (the sequel to Saving Zasha)

  105. Cassie says:

    Get the book Endangered! Its an amazing book for anyone who likes stories with animals.

  106. Kurtis says:

    Get more books like Army vs Navy, please!!!!!!

  107. River says:

    I don’t want to read Toby Gold, but get more zombie books.

  108. Bryce says:

    MRS.P Would get more BMX books!

  109. River says:

    Get the Hunger Pains book please!

  110. Matthew says:

    You should get the rest of the Eragon series.

  111. Nick B. says:

    USA hockey magezines!!!!

  112. DILLAN L. says:


  113. Makenzie T. says:

    Emerald Atlas is a great book there is a second one too and there might be more so you should get those for the school library!

  114. lordnoonoo says:

    More Daniel X and Dragonology Wizerdology and Egyptology also more magic trick and optical illusion books please.

  115. Shelby says:

    I think you should get some more Black Butler books

  116. Chloe C. says:

    You should get more of the series by Charlie Higson’s The Dead.

  117. Shelby H. says:

    I think you should get some more of the Sakura Hime (the legend of princess sakura) books (by the way you dont have 5,6,7,8,9, nor 10)

  118. Jesse R. says:

    You need to get Beyond the Valley of the Thorns

  119. Brittany D. says:

    Mrs. P, please find more cat books. Thank you.

  120. Amber H. says:

    I think they should buy more books like Slob.

  121. James says:

    Super Mario Brothers Nintendo Power magazine

  122. keely says:

    I really would like the book A bad case of the stripes

  123. James says:

    Waggit the title

  124. Meghan says:

    The rest of the WARRIORS books.

  125. Brianna says:

    Mrs.Patterson can you please get more books on boston red sox

  126. Cameron says:

    Can we get more WWE books and magazines.

  127. Lucas Burt says:

    You should get the Lord of the Rings series. Those books are awesome!

  128. Patrick says:

    I think that we should try to get some more of the Harry Potter books.

  129. corey says:

    pokemon series 1 kanto

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