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Posted: October 9, 2012 in Reading
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Have you been reading the Maine Student Book Award nominees this summer and fall? If so, I hope you do all you can to get your hands on another of my favorites on this year’s list, Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt. Take 20 minutes from your busy day to sit back and listen to Gary Schmidt’s interview on Amazon. Find out why he writes mainly about middle school aged kids, and how he got his ideas for Okay for Now.

For those of you who are new to this story, Schmidt brings back one of his characters, Doug Swieteck, from his earlier book, The Wednesday Wars. Doug has it pretty rough. He’s got an angry, sneaky father, an older brother who has just returned from Vietnam, broken in many ways, and a mom who loves him dearly but can’t protect him from the harshness of life.  It’s Doug’s middle brother, though, whose actions lead most of the townspeople  to have little faith that Doug will grow up to be anything but a thug.

  1. Anonymous says:

    huh , sounds interesting i’ll have to check it out! thanks!♡

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