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Posted: September 27, 2012 in Reading

Anyone who walks the halls in our school can easily see that our students carry lots of books to and from classrooms all day long. Some are textbooks, others are binders, and often wedged between binder and textbook sits a library book. That library book was chosen solely by the student who now has that book for three weeks, or more, if necessary. Hopefully this student likes the story so much that the book even travels home in a backpack to be read late into the night. Sometimes, though, we find ourselves in need of some advice on what to read next, and so, I hope you, readers of our blog, find these weekly book talks helpful. Feel free to comment along the way, because blogs are a two-way street!

Selection:  The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

Occasionally an author begins a story with such a startling scene it’s hard to ever forget. The main character in The Running Dream is Jessica, a sixteen-year-old girl who just the day before was a passionate, skilled runner on her high school’s track team. On the day we meet her, her first words are “My life is over.” We find out that Jessica has experienced a tragedy that will require her to be both mentally and physically strong. This story will leave readers wondering what if? What if this happened to me? How would I move on with life? What if this happened to my best friend? Would I be there through thick and thin?  Pick up a copy in the library and let us know what you think of Jessica’s story!

  1. Rober Joseph-Kearns says:

    Mrs. Patterson I wanted to tell you that I was not into Hunger Games but as of last night I watched the movie and to be honest I understood the plot the setting and everything so now I think I could read the book.

    • Mrs. Patterson says:

      Bob, thank you for your honesty 🙂 After you finish reading Hunger Games, let’s find time to talk about what differences there were between the movie and the book! TTYS

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