Finding another book like The Hunger Games

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Reading
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Well, JFD students, you’ve proven yourself as readers once again. Why, you ask? Well, as soon as we wrapped up The Hunger Games activities, you expressed to me, your teachers, and many of your friends, that you were eager to read another Hunger Games-like book. That is what readers do, folks–they think ahead about what they are going to read next. Readers also express what it is they are looking for, and will use tools (MARVEL’s NoveList K-8 Plus, and InfoCentre) to assist in the book searching process.

Here are some Hunger Games-like titles that are receiving applause from you, our readers, and literary book critics.

  1. Bob J.-K. says:

    I have found it hard to pick up the story line when it comes to the Hunger Games. I try to put myself in the story but it’s hard. Mrs.Patterson do you know anything I could do?

    • Mrs. Patterson says:

      It’s okay if you don’t like The Hunger Games, Bob. I’m not sure how far you’ve read, and if you are planning to stick with it, but being a guy yourself, you might pay particular interest to Peeta and Gale, two important male characters. Think about being in their shoes, and having to make the same decisions they do.

      If that doesn’t help you stick with the book, let’s talk about other books that have been successful for you–one’s that you’ve read cover to cover. TTYS!

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