Amazing Readers!

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

This summer was unlike any that I can remember because it was filled not only with warm sunny days, family and friends, but also fond memories of our open library Wednesday mornings at JFDS. Our students, including an brilliant crop of incoming sixth graders from Fairmount School, never cease to amaze me. This group checked out a whopping 210 books throughout the summer, and while that seems small in comparison to our 12,500 books that circulated this school year, that number was achieved by the 50 students who stopped in on various Wednesdays all summer long! Well done students!

For our official ending of this program, we chose to visit the University of Maine and tour the Witter Farm, have lunch, and a long swim in the Rec Center’s pool. Five of our students even chose to shorten their swim and take part in the Physics Road Show with Dr. David Sturm of the UMaine Physics Department! Pictures are on their way, I promise!

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the fourteen teachers who gave their time each Wednesday to help run the Media Center, work on crafts, play games, and of course, talk about books! Also a huge thank you to Mr. MacDonald, our principal, for believing in this summer program. To Mr. Hackett, our Assistant principal, and Mr. Paul Butler for finding the financial support for books, food, supplies, etc.


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